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About Apho Rope Access

Founded in October 2015, Apho Rope Access is a black owned and managed company driven by the Passion and Visions of Mr Mzwandile G. Zitha and Miss. Silindile .P. Mchunu, offers Complete High Level Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, Painting, Inspections and Installation projects.  Apho Rope is a rope access specialist using highly trained and fully certified IWH (Institute for Work at Heights) Level 1-3 technicians to provide cost effective access to structures and difficult to reach locations work locations. Our service is known for providing Costs and Time Effective Solutions to clients who require rope access aided maintenance work. Apho Rope Technicians have been quite successful in both Commercial and Industrial Rope Access Industries

What We Strive For

Our mission is to become a preferred working partner with the country’s largest property portfolios and a leader providing innovative solutions in access aided applications. We strive to build a successful and sustainable organization that will create synergies in the township economy and the country. An organization that will generate and increase the market share and profits with the long term view to help clients and encourage our employees.


Highly trained technicians to get the job done in those hard to reach places.

Minimal Cost

Reduce maintenance costs through rope access.

Operate at Optimum Efficiency

Match the right skill set with the job in a timely manner.

Market Observation

The Rope Access Industry in South Africa is currently undergoing growth, more Industries are discovering the benefits of rope access and are moving away from conventional means (Scaffolding). Building owners and property developers are aware of the impact of costs maintaining their properties. Maintenance budgets are under considerable strain and faced with the dilemma of limited funds for carrying out maintenance work. They (facilities management) want to ensure that their facilities can still operate effectively while they save on the access component, with a safe and professional end result. They are looking for alternative access system that can assist their budget to go a little further in challenging times.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Consider the impact the erection of scaffolding has on a single site, a team of people required to carry out the installation and erection of scaffolding days prior to any work actually commencing and then the removal days after the work has been completed. Add to that the actual costs of renting and maintaining the scaffolding throughout the course of the work. It then become obvious that with Rope Access you can get quote at much lower price and it can also shorten the actual work times by half while eliminating the need for permits and access. I would say the demand for Rope Access is a repeat purchase, Apho Rope Access strive to quote clients much lower prices in addressing the needs of property maintenance costs while ensuring a safe system of work is maintained at all times and with no damage to property or harm the environment.

Success Stories

Aside from continuous training in safety, our rope technicians have specialized training in Rigging, Assembly, Painting, Electrical work and Polyester treatment. We have carefully selected a team that is committed and can identify the everyday risks (all aspects of our work, properties we work on and people below) and work towards eliminating such risks by ensuring that the correct systems of work are in place.

Our employees continuously undergo regular rescue operations, safety and medical examination to ensure they are physically fit for the jobs at hand.

AphoRope Technicians have worked on projects in the past and have successfully demonstrated their capabilities in cleaning high structures such as Silos, Smokestacks and Storage Tanks. Most notably relevant experience include High rise window cleaning, Glazing & Silicon, Mounting Led Lights and Painting.

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